Receive account information in real-time!  You’ll always know exactly what’s happening with your money, and you can watch for suspicious activity.


Set up your Secure Text and Email Alerts today:

 Log into Online Banking. Select Alerts.
 Click each Category in Alert Options to view the list of available alerts.
 Select the Alerts you want to receive for each account. Then check how you would like to receive them, and Save.

Set up your Secure Push Notification Alerts today:

 Log into Mobile Banking. Select More.
 Choose Alerts. Enable Push Notifications. 
 Select the Push Notifications you want to receive for each account.

Security Alerts

  • Online Banking login has been changed

  • Online Banking login has been locked out

Balance Alerts

  • Account balance above threshold
  • Account balance below threshold
  • Account was overdrawn

Transaction Alerts

  • Check number xxxx has cleared
  • Credit transaction posted
  • Debit transaction posted
  • Transaction equals
  • Transaction over
  • Withdrawal over threshold
  • Number of money market withdrawals was exceeded

Loan Alerts

  • Maximum credit limit exceeded
  • Scheduled loan payment is due
  • Loan advance posted
  • Loan past due
  • Payment amount was changed
  • Rate was changed
  • Payment was posted to a loan
  • Loan payment is due
  • Loan payment due/amount due (at billing)

Certificate Alerts

  • CD approaching maturity

Other Alerts

  • Check was returned
  • Charge back occurred
  • Statement was generated

Susquehanna Community Bank does not charge a fee for Text Alerts. However, regular text and data package charges may apply. These include fees your wireless carrier may charge you for data usage and text messaging services. Check with your wireless carrier if you have questions.

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