ACH Services


Start saving time and money with our convenient ACH services


  • Simplify accounts payables and receivable collections
  • Reduce transaction costs with electronic payments
  • Direct Deposit simplifies and streamlines your payroll process
  • Collections

    Improve receivables collection and reduce transaction costs with electronic credits. ACH services including direct debit and business-to-business transactions allow you to collect dues and payments more efficiently. ACH will also allow you to consolidate funds to gain an investment advantage.

  • Payments

    Simplify accounts payables and reduce transaction costs with electronic payments. Pay your vendors efficiently and include invoice details with your payment. Deposit payroll directly to employee accounts safely and securely. They will appreciate the convenience and you’ll enjoy the cost savings.

  • Direct Deposit Statements

    Direct Deposit simplifies and streamlines your business’ payroll process. Funds from your account are electronically transferred to your employees’ checking or savings accounts. You save the time and money of having to write, deliver, process and store checks. Your employees have access to their money on payday, without stepping foot in a bank. The convenience will be appreciated.

    Rest assured that Direct Deposit is secure. There are no paper checks for criminals to steal, alter, forge or counterfeit. Employees’ deposits can be verified by phone, online or at any ATM. Long gone are the days of lost and uncashed paychecks.

Accounts and services are subject to additional terms and conditions, credit approval, and/or fees including internet provider and data charges.

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